The Best Music Radio Station Across The Globe

One of the first images that come to our mind when we think of radio is music. Tuning to our favorite radio station and listening to the mind-blowing track is a good way to pass the time. Whether you are returning to your home after a stress full day of work, listening to your favorite track can be calming. Tuning into your favorite station and humming to your favorite track will surely calm your nerve.

Today, many radio stations can satisfy all your tastes if you are interested in listening to music from the past or present or whether you want to listen to mainstream or marginal music. You can look into this guide to find some of the most listened music radio stations globally.

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If you are interested in listening to some tender and moving Bollywood songs, many stations can satisfy your craving to taste tender Bollywood songs. For example, you can tune in to Retro Bollywood to listen to legendary musicians like Asha Bhosle, Geeta Dutt, and Mukesh. This is a platform where you can listen to songs from the mid-1950s and 80s, the golden age of music. They will be featuring soulful, melodic songs that have a combination of western and Indian classical elements.

Then you can delve into Hits of Bollywood that consist of two live streams-one for vintage and the other for the latest songs.


This country has around 15,000 radio stations, including licensed and pirated channels. Even though it is a country that is rich in culture, music has always been an intricate part of Brazilian culture. For example, you can tune into Bossa Nova Brazil, which mixes Sergio Medes’s king of tunes with more lively and rich boss beats by iconic musicians like Wilson Simonal and sultry-voiced Nara Leao.

Looking into the northeastern state of Bahia, we can see a melting pot of African-Brazilian cultures and music. You can go to the website of The Matrix and listen to the mix of music that is sort of a psycho-geographical rumination. You will be able to listen to some of the most popular music with some lesser-known music.

Americana and country

You can tune into American Roots to listen to Alison Krauss to Glen Campbell. Unlike many other online radio stations, this station has a huge playlist with simple click-back links, allowing listeners to listen to everything they have missed.

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Then you can look into Nashville’s WSM AM radio station to explore some good gospel, Americana, and calming crossover country.


Arirang is a radio station that broadcasts from the Korean Island of Jeju. You will be able to listen to several K-pop songs. You can find everything here in this station, from smoothing Ballads to funky RnB electronica. So, turn to these music radio stations to enjoy diverse music from around the world.

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