Top Radio Shows That You Should Not Miss

Radio has always been one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Even though we are living in an ear that is invaded by various innovations, radio has still managed to maintain is unwavering popularity and remained as people’s first love. But one thing that fuelled the fame of radio is the internet radio that enables the audience to listen to radio shows from across the countries. The possibility of waking up on a Sunday morning and tune in to your favorite show around the word sounds exciting, right?

Radio has lot of amazing entertainment shows as well as shows that will help us stay updated on the latest events that is happening around the world. But still there are some noteworthy shows which you need to listen to.

radio shows

Here is the list of the top radio shows that you should not miss and are going to be your favourite once your listen to it.

Gilles Peterson Worldwide

One of the greatest shows that you will ever come across in the history of radio is unquestionably GP’s Worldwide. Gills approach to eclectic international music and offbeat jazz music is commendable. We should especially take not of his approach to the rich music from South Ameica and Africa. Gills have provided a space for safeguarding the future and past treasure. Even though there are many radio shows, BBC radio will also be known for Gilles passion and open-mindedness that is inspiring radio broadcaster’s worldwide.

Alexander Nut

Are you a sucker of abstract and soulful music, then you should tune in to Alexander Nut’s show on Rinse FM in London? This show will allow you to taste the very peculiar and interesting British approach towards urban music. You will be able to listens to tons of abstract, broken, soulful, and rugged songs and other cut edging stuffs suited for dance floor. But what makes his show more likable is that they sound like it’s improvised (top quality improvisation). If you want to listen to some of the finest track, tune in to Alexander Nut’s show.

Beats in Space

If you are in a mood to listen to boogie, disco, house and other tracks with cosmic vibes from1999, BIS is the right show for you. This weekly dose mixed by Tim Sweeney in New York City on every WNTY 8 always features some amazing guests that will make your day.


Antony Valdez

If you are fan of eclectic and soulful track, you should check this show from California. Antony Valadez’s 3 hour show that comes on KCRW radio is a great place for having a great vibe.

The Loud Minority

If you want to experience some future soul vibes, then the show by Loud Minority crew featured every Monday is a great choice. The show hosted by Luis Figueroa and Derrick Foreal will make you fall in love with it regardless of the show that they are playing. Make sure that you tune into the se great radio shows to have a wonderful time.

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